The DAWA team has more than 20 years experience  working with DBEs, minority owned companies and Native owned companies on a local, state, regional and national level. 
HOYA Program
Business Coaching - HOYA Program
This intense five month mentoring program covers every aspect each company needs to build a solid foundation and grow. Experienced business mentors help businesses implement a system for success.  DAWA developed this intense mentoring program that helps small businesses grow an average of 50% in one year.  Small business owners learn about: goal setting, leadership, day to day business operations, conflict resolution, self-assessment, strengths and weaknesses, employee management, financial management, safety, marketing, strategic planning, certification, payroll, insurance, community involvement, legal issues, sales, joint ventures, and exit strategies.  

DBE Education Planning and Counseling
​DAWA created the DBE Education Plan for the North Dakota Department of Transportation.  DAWA conducted an in-person statewide assessment of all North Dakota DBEs.  DAWA created recommendations, conducted research in an eight state area and delivered the final DBE Education Plan in person to the DBEs statewide.  

T-REX DBE Support Provider
DAWA was contracted by Colorado Department of Transportation, Regional Transportation District and Kiewit for their DBE support program on the $1.7 billion T-REX Highway Construction project.  Participants in DAWA's DBE support - the HOYA Program - gave the program a 100% approval rating! Each one of these companies have become better businesses and stronger leaders. 

“All things are connected like the

blood that unites us.  We did not 

weave the web of life, we are 

merely a strand in it.  Whatever we 

do to the web, we do to ourselves.”

Chief Seattle